random walk 2014: uruguay + argentina.

Prior to the school year beginning, Chicago Booth organizes trips for the incoming first-year students.  Led by a group of four fearless second-year students, twelve of us embarked on an adventure to Uruguay and Argentina.

We spent the first two days in blustery Montevideo, Uruguay exploring the city, drinking mate (pronounced mah-tay), eating our body weight in amazing steak and chorizo at the Port Market, and partying until dawn for Nostalgia Night (an annual holiday).  We ventured out into the countryside to visit Bouza winery and also explored the charming town of Colonia prior to taking a ferry to Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires was sunny and crisp. The buildings were colorful and beautiful.  For four days we continued to gorge ourselves on empanadas, steak, sausage, cheese, veal milanesa, churros, and alfajores (cookies with dulce de leche and coconut), all washed down with goblets of Malbec and cups of coffee.

Highlights included a day spent at a ranch outside of the city where we galloped through fields, listened to beautiful live music (audio link below), and watched one of the gauchos do an entrancing routine with his horse which ended with them laying down on the grass together.  On our last day, we visited the beautiful town of San Isidro and took a ride on the Tigre river delta to see some of the waterfront homes.

My camera didn’t make it to the clubs or the Tango Show, but that’s probably for the best.  We needed to be completely hands-free for our dance-offs.

DSC_0816DSC_0817DSC_0820DSC_0821DSC_0824DSC_0825DSC_0827DSC_0828DSC_0830DSC_0831DSC_0837DSC_0838DSC_0839DSC_0840DSC_0843DSC_0849DSC_0855DSC_0856DSC_0858DSC_0865DSC_0867DSC_0870DSC_0874DSC_0877DSC_0883DSC_0884DSC_0892DSC_0893DSC_0894DSC_0896DSC_0899DSC_0902DSC_0906DSC_0907DSC_0909DSC_0914DSC_0916DSC_0919DSC_0923DSC_0928DSC_0931DSC_0934DSC_0939DSC_0942DSC_0944DSC_0945DSC_0955DSC_0959DSC_0960DSC_0963DSC_0966DSC_0968DSC_0970DSC_0971DSC_0979DSC_0982DSC_0983DSC_0986DSC_0989DSC_0990DSC_0991DSC_0994DSC_0996DSC_0998DSC_0999DSC_1000DSC_1001DSC_1004DSC_1005DSC_1011DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0007 DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014

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