We just returned back to London after our weeklong trip through Bordeaux and Spanish Basque Country.  Bordeaux was our first stop and my mom and I were both surprised at how much we fell in love with the city and the region.  The city is beautiful and very manageable.  The locals were very friendly and provided some of the best people watching I’ve experienced.  Truly, each person we passed was more beautiful and interesting looking than the last.

We spent a calm afternoon in the Jardin Public doing watercolor paintings and listening to teenagers goofing around and young children playing (all of which sounds better in French).  We ate an amazing multi-course meal at a small, new restaurant called Restaurant Miles.  We drank incredible wine for only a few Euros a glass (more pictures from wine country to come) and ate rose-flavored ice cream and oysters from the nearby coast.

Probably my favorite part of Bordeaux is the Miroir d’Eau on the river.  Translating literally to the mirror of water, it’s basically a permanent reflective puddle that is refilled by steam jets that go off throughout the day.  All day long you will find adults, kids, and dogs alike — keeping cool in the refreshing water and taking in views of the city.


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