4th of july in hayden lake, idaho.

Last weekend was spent on beautiful Hayden Lake in Northern Idaho with a few of my closest friends.  My friend Katie’s family has a wonderful lake home there and they have been generous enough to share it with us both this summer and last summer (when Katie’s wedding took place close by).

The lake is a transfixing emerald green and the water is calm and refreshing.  We spent the majority of the weekend acting like kids again with the new paddle boards — making up games, racing, and trying to flip each other off.  Curran, Katie’s husband, and I finally synchronized our headstands on the water and Katie, Natalie, and I managed to all stand up on a single board for a few seconds before toppling off the side.

The area is known for their delicious huckleberries, which Katie’s mom Lisa picks every summer by the gallon.  Lucky for us this meant huckleberry pancakes, huckleberry crisp, and huckleberry lime margaritas.  Lisa also made three types of ice creams from scratch and Katie’s brother and dad (Steve and Kim) woke up early on the 4th to smoke an entire turkey for our holiday dinner. Needless to say we were beyond spoiled in the food department by our gracious hosts.

It was such a treat to have a few days in the woods and on the water, away from TVs and laptops.  We napped, we swam, we ate, we read, and we played rousing games of Celebrity.  It was a quintessential summer hit.

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